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Myofascial Massage: A Guide

Patients with shortened muscles fibers and connective tissues should undergo myofascial massage to relieve them of the pain they may be experiencing. For those who have ever experience myofascial release must have left the gym parlor or spar feeling more relaxed, more comfortable and breathing even more deeply than ever before. For one to understand the myofascial release mode of action, you have to understand what fascia is. Fascia appears as a thin white tissue layer that covers each and everybody muscle. Since fascia is tough and elastic, it ensures that the muscles are well protected and lubricated for smooth gliding. In this form of massage, the masseur focuses on the myofascial’s function as a muscle lubricant. The muscles of the patients who have undergone myofascial release an move against each other with less friction hence no tearing of the muscle fibers. It also enables the muscle group to move smoothly against other body muscles and structures. The fascial’s elasticity and flexibility can be damaged due to various reasons such as repetitive over usage, adopting unhealthy habitual postures as well as emotional stress. The muscle fibers begin to attach to each other due to inelasticity of the fascia. Some of the symptoms of shortened fascia include muscle spasms, muscle pain and tension. The pain and tension is then distributed all over the body.

Myofascial release aims at bringing back the normal function of fascial on the body. The fascia is also stretched and lengthened to its proper size. Myofascial release specialists begin the therapeutic process by diagnosing the area of the body that has been affected. Once the specialist touches you lightly, you will feel some pain. For this reason, experienced myofascial release therapists can tell where the area of tightness is by just slightly touching your skin. They stretch a limited area by just applying minimal force by use of only two fingers and wait for the fascial to relax. After relaxing, extra effort is applied to increase the stretch. The entire affected muscle experiences the same process until it is fully relaxed. No one can administer this therapy alone. You should feel comfortable once undergoing this form of treatment. It is not painful to ensure that the sore areas are treated effectively. You may have undergone repetitive sore in your body in a way that you cannot identify a specific region where it hurts. You should not worry, however, if you go for myofascial release. Once you have received this type of massage, the sore you were experiencing disappears leaving you relieved of pain, tension and even be able to breathe more deeply. Once you go through myofascial release, your normal posture is restored. If you want to lead a pain-free life with flexible mobility, you have to undergo myofascial massage.

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